Design Principles

The design principles of the catalog include

  1. Led by hands-on Data Practitioners

  2. Open Access, Common Good — #BeFAIRandCARE

  3. Optimized for Speed & Scale

  4. Align with Emerging Frameworks

  5. Zero Knowledge Proof Location

Led by hands-on Data Practitioners

Many frameworks and projects are initiated with a top down approach. Its important the catalog is designed together with real world practitioners and truly help them get their jobs done. This includes professionals with a data engineering, analytics, and data science backgroundd.

Open Access, Common Good

The Nature Data Catalog is being designed with FAIR and CARE principles.


FAIR data are data which meet principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability. See these principles here.


CARE data principles include collective benefit, authority to control, responsibility, and ethics. See these principles here.

Collective Benefit.

Data ecosystems shall be designed and function in ways that enable Indigenous Peoples to derive benefit from the data.

  • C1. For inclusive development and innovation

  • C2. For improved governance and citizen engagement

  • C3. For equitable outcomes

Authority to Control.

Indigenous Peoples’ rights and interests in Indigenous data must be recognized and their authority to control such data respected.

  • A1. Recognizing rights and interests

  • A2. Data for governance

  • A3. Governance of data


Those working with Indigenous data have a responsibility to share how those data are used to support Indigenous Peoples’ self determination and collective benefit.

  • R1. For positive relationships

  • R2. For expanding capability and capacity

  • R3. For Indigenous languages and worldviews


Indigenous Peoples’ rights and wellbeing should be the primary concern at all stages of the data life cycle and across the data ecosystem.

  • E1. For minimizing harm and maximizing benefit

  • E2. For justice

  • E3. For future use

Optimized for Speed & Scale

Given the collective urgency ever present, we are committed to moving quickly with a dedicated commitment to action and focus — some refer to this spirit as festina lente — make haste slowly

Align with Emerging Frameworks

To accelerate traction and cross sector collaboration. We are committed to supporting numerous frameworks starting with the TNFD and LEAP Approach.

Zero Knowledge Proof Location

We recognize that location data is highly sensitive and are designing any location data disclosures to take advantage of recent innovations regarding ZKP which can protect organizations and individuals from disclosing sensitive data. More info here.

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