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Welcome! The NatureData.org team works at a rapid iterative & intentional pace to match the urgency of the biodiversity & climate challenges at hand. We draw our outcomes based on steering committee inputs and pilot participant interviews. Check back often for release notes and updates!

February 2022

v0.2.0, "Facet Categories" (in development)

Date: 2022.02.14


This release includes the technical foundations to allow users to view datasets in different contexts such as the TNFD LEAP approach, TNFD Realms, SBTN, and others.

Data Sets Staged

The following is a sample of datasets which have been staged for inclusion.

Have a suggestion? [Submit here TBD]

Tools Staged

  • TNFD Tools

  • Shift Tool

New Features

  • users can easily switch between different framework contexts such as TNFD realms or SBTN

  • added TNFD realm and ecosystem contexts

  • users can explore project entities to see which datasets they use

  • simplified ability to submit new datasets via Git


  • new database schema structure to support new contexts and facet categories

Other Updates

  • Steering Committee meeting scheduled for 14 February 2022

  • Pilot participant interviews initiated

January 2022

v0.1.0, "Proof of Concept" (released)

Date: 2022.01.17


This marks the proof of concept release of the Nature Data Catalog. The release demo coincided with the steering committee kickoff. Just under 800 data set entries were added with 24 columns of metadata. These datasets were collected by the TNFD since last year. Users can explore these datasets via full text and faceted search. The release includes both card and list views as well as frontend and backend architecture foundations to support iterative development.

Data Sets Added

  • 782 data sets added from numerous public sources

New Features

  • faceted search

  • full text search

  • dataset card view

  • search results view

  • tags

Other Updates

December 2022


The Nature Data team returned from Montreal and COP15 after hosting a data lab with the TNFD and presenting the nature data catalog. See recap and special update here. Steering committee members invited and kickoff scheduled for January.

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